The application quality was very good as a result of which we spent Christmas and New Years making over 60 Skype calls with inspiring game developers from all over the globe. What we learned? TIme zones suck! We had people up at night, mixing up the time zones and all the tehcnical stuff. But to be able to talk about your game at 3AM with such enthusiasm is what gets you far.

We had our mentors and gurus evaluate the applications that passed the Skype sessions online and selected 22 teams for the final evaluation day (last time the number was 16). The evaluation day at the Tallink City Hotel was fun (see pic below :)). 6 teams came to pitch in person and the rest over Skype… and at the end of the day we had our selection of 10!

The teams are strong, some have 1-2 investors already on board, the numbers of downloads for launched games vary from a few thousand to several hundreds of thousands. Some games make decent money already. Not giving out names yet…more news in March.

This is what all the hard work looks like (doesn’t look THAT hard, does it?):

pilt (800x600)