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NightMorning : Building games and a future franchise.

NightMorning : Building games and a future franchise. In 2016 alone, Malaysia has created many headlines and achieved a formidable milestone in exactly one year. In July, Streamline Studios declared their collaboration with Square Enix for Final Fantasy XV, which will be available on the market 29th Nov this year. Malaysia is becoming a hub for game developers to create noteworthy games for their audience. In...

Amazing Soul Games Studio: Earning your own identity

A country known for their beautiful people, amazing coffee, athleticism and historic sites. Colombia has suffered misspelling issues on the country’s name even till today and they launched a campaign about this particular issue. “It’s Colombia Not Columbia" a 2013 campaign which was for wanting to revise the imperfect vision numerous people across the globe have of their country. This crusade was for the thought...

Mopix Games: Embracing cultural diversity by connecting with people

South America, crossed by the equator indicates wet, warm and sunny weather where many animal and plant species thrive to sustain. In most cultures living in the equatorial region recognize two seasons, wet and dry. However, with the balance of these two, conjures a natural rainforest that is by far the biggest in the world, the Amazon River Basin. With its flora and fauna flourishing,...

Zagrava Games: Setbacks are just opportunities in disguise

In Ukraine, there are numerous gaming studios that are recognized over the world. For instance, 4A Games, the mastermind behind the Metro franchise houses 80 talented designers, programmers, sound specialists, writers and artists. Most of them are at the forefront of pushing the boundaries of the gaming market in Ukraine. Not forgetting, War Spark, a small studio based in Zaporozhye created the game Siege Hero...

Team Red Panda: Talent and Sweat. The only way to take over the world

Game developers are constantly striking a balance between technical and creative challenges. Contrary to popular belief, making games is not all about creating stories, characters, and mechanics. Conceptualizing and thinking of cool ideas are what a developer does 10% of the time. The rest of the 90% involves the execution of these ideas and keeping the end goal in mind. Team Red Panda who came...

Limkernel: Turning what is old into gold

Russia, a country that is synonymous with everything that’s big. Having the longest railway built on the largest soil that covers more than a ninth of the earth’s land. It is also the second largest oil producer in the world. Moscow nestles the most billionaires than any other known cities of the world. Before we forget, they also have the biggest McDonalds in the world....

Mike Sellers – Back To Basics, Systemic Game Design

Here at GameFounders we invite game mentors from all over the world to accelerate the development of the indie developers in our program. Everyday, these mentors will give seminars and 1 on 1 training sessions to the teams. This article is adapted from a seminar conducted by Mike Sellers. It’s very easy to look at a typical game design and overlook its core competencies. Sure there...

Rawple Studio: Desire to get on the world stage

High-speed internet, a boom in investment and a massive e-sports scene saw South Korea’s game industry explode into a multi-billion dollar industry, thus encouraging game developers to be more competitive on a global scale. Hence, hailing from that country, we are proud to introduce Rawple Studio. The four-man team, consisting of Glenn Bae, Taeyong Kang, Seeyoung Park and Seungho Choi studied in the same university,...

Castling Studios: Making a game with a cause

The composition of the GameFounders program is usually quite diverse and come from all corners of the world. We sat down and got to know one of the teams a little better who came all the way from Land of Pyramids and the Nile. Castling Entertainment Studios from Egypt is looking to accelerate their progress with an unstoppable passion for making games and hungry for...


Playtesting is an essential tool that helps a game developer to design and perfect the 'fun' in games. The significance of playtesting and procuring helpful data will help game developers to create content that will receive world recognition as well as bragging rights. One of the best things a game creator can do is to play up to those feedback gained from the game testers. Listen...

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