Rawple Studio: Desire to get on the world stage

High-speed internet, a boom in investment and a massive e-sports scene saw South Korea’s game industry explode into a multi-billion dollar industry, thus encouraging game developers to be more competitive on a global scale. Hence, hailing from that country, we are proud to introduce Rawple Studio. The four-man team, consisting of Glenn Bae, Taeyong Kang, Seeyoung Park and Seungho Choi studied in the same university, Hongik University in South Korea. Although they had put their education on hold to do their mandatory military services as required by law in South Korea that still didn’t stop them from becoming game developers.

Glen approached the others through Facebook and inquired if they wanted to join forces to establish their studio and create games. Ever since they have created a few games and found some success locally. The desire to get on the world stage still burns bright, and with their new game, Stellar Fox they just might attract the publishers they need.

Stellar Fox draws plenty of inspiration from the indie game, Ori and the Blind Forest. They were very impressed by the smooth graphics and colorful visuals of the game and it has become a benchmark for them. They stated that it is a touching story and layers upon layers of majestic sound effects, beautiful 2D visuals coupled with a kick-ass soundtrack. A unique feature of Stellar Fox, is to provide a level editor, the user can create their very own stages to play the game. These user-created content can be uploaded to the cloud server where other users will be able to play through it, creating an online community.

Rawple Studio’s journey to GameFounders was an interesting one. While participating in the Korean Game Audition Competition, they managed to snag the win. It is through this competition they managed to meet Reinaldo Normand, one of the members of GameFounders. Before arriving in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, they had a poor grasp on English. However, it is through associating with other teams in the program that their English dramatically improved. They are very proud that they now can hold a conversation with others and pitch their ideas in the same language. They also are very fond of the food here, after just a month, they already have some favorite dishes in Malaysia such as Curry Laksa and Nasi Lemak just to name a few.

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