Both GameFounders´ and WiseGuys´ teams have come to get to know each other better and they are (little by little) getting used to the intense program with several mentor days, seminars and loads of new information. Let’ s hope they will keep calm, stay strong and carry on, because there is so much more to come!

Here are some snapshots from the recent events. Starting with Haapsalu trip together with WiseGuys cheerful crowd:

We started the trip on a nice and sunny Saturday morning (14th of September). Our road lead us to Türisalu cliff first.  Besides the beautiful sea view, it was time to get to know each other better. A little self-pitching game and the ice started to melt already:

tripp (534x800)

tripp1 (800x598)

After that, we went to see the Keila waterfall which is 6 metres in height and tens of metres in width, being the third most powerful waterfall in Estonia following only Narva Waterfall and Jägala Waterfall. So definitely a nice place to take some beautiful snapshots of Estonian nature:

keilajoa (800x598)

Then it was already lunchtime and our skillful bus driver drove us through the forest and stones and who-know-swhat-else right next to the seaside in Meremõisa. New teams with special tasks were formed there.

Here is the “food preparation team” in action. As you can see, they were in charge of the sausages and other food stuff:

tripp3 (800x598)

Then of course, some drinks had to be served. Nobody was left thursty.

tripp4 (800x598)

It´s no barbecue without  real fire, it was taken care of by our “fire” team. Funny story is that there were quite a few guys who were bragging about their fire starter skills, yet it turned out to be a lot more difficult than in their home countries. Fortunately, putting all effort into this, they managed to light the fire (finally) and all the sausages were grilled like they were supposed to:

tripp5 (598x800)

In the meanwhile we had a bunch a nice guys handing out some snacks:

tripp7 (800x598)

tripp6 (598x800)

Here are some wild men:

tripp8 (800x598)

…and some even wilder ones:

tripp9 (800x598)

Last stop was in Haapsalu where everybody chose themselves how to spend their time – Haapsalu castle, seaside promenade and cute little restaurants were there to discover 😉


On Wednesday, 18. September, we had a nice gang of mentors with us as and we totally took advantage of the situation and went through a little creative photo shooting session. Stay tuned, because more pics are yet to come, but here are a few to give an idea about the vibe in the studio that evening:

tripp10 (800x598)

tripp11 (800x598)MORE FUN WILL FOLLOW SOON!