We started really early and arrived in Helsinki already at 9:30. The weather was supernice so nobody minded doing some walking before reaching our first target – Vision+….

study (800x600)

At the office things got a bit more serious. Everybody was so focused on what Jari and Marko from Vision+ were telling us:

study1 (800x600)

…and when they let us play one of their games, it was even better:

study2 (800x600)

study4 (600x800)

And then we moved on to Espoo and found some (angry) birds….a lot of them. At Rovio. Actually they were not so angry at all and we were really well hosted thanks to Marja, Anastasios and Karyn!

study6 (800x597)

After some wrong buses and lot of walking (but it was just sooo nice weather and we could not resist ), we arrived to our Grand Cru friends’  awesome office. Nice views, sauna, table hockey and lot of other cool stuff:

study7 (600x800)

study8 (800x600)

The evening ended in IGDA Finland April Gathering where lights were flashing, people were chilling out and everybody was having great fun! We met some old and new faces from the gaming community and will be looking forward to invite them to visit IGDA Estonia soon too!