For a start, Estonia is probably the easiest place to start a business. You count the time time you need to establish a limited company in minutes, the time you need to open a bank account in hours and the time you need to get all the other paperwork (VAT numbers and such) in days. And when you have spent those few days to get the business up and running, there is an abundance of funds, both local and EU, available for you to boost your business.
Once running, you are dragged into networking in no time. Garage48 events, Open Coffee, Estonian Startup Leaders Club, Estonian Development Fund, Science Park Tehnopol, Technopolis, Startup Estonia and other initiatives make sure that there are networking events almost every week. These events are the place where you meet the local startups, their mentors and investors and other community members, including the founding engineers of Skype turned VC-s. It is no wonder Estonia is known as the startup capital of Europe.
If the Founder can spare a couple of hours of her 24/7 working schedule, then Tallinn boasts numerous ways to make that time memorable. Being a capital of a dynamic, fastest growing European economy, Tallinn has a reason why there are groups of British bachelors coming here with each Ryanair and Easyjet flights. By the time our programme starts at the end of summer, the bachelors are gone, but the reason is still there.:) And it is waiting for the busy startupper in any of the numerous bars and clubs of Tallinn.
For somebody with tastebuds for culture, the most obvious places to visit would be the medieval town, Estonian Art Museum, the Sea Plane Harbor, Sea Fortress Prison constructed by Czar Peter and now opened to all visitors (you’d get out of there too, I promise). In a city where virtually everybody speaks English (and Russian) it is easy for a young startupper to find her way around. Provided she does have a little time for leisure, that is.