Our trip started out on a Friday afternoon.  We were blessed by the sunny whether that companied us for the bigger part of our excursion. Since Saku is around 40km from Tallinn, the traveling part wasn’t so exhausting as was firstly feared.

When our bus arrived, we went to pick-up our partners in crime from Skype. The whole trip was organized as part of the project called “WorkInEstonia” and was arranged by Tallinn Science Park Tehnopol. Locked and loaded we set out to our destination Saku village. If you didn’t know then Saku valley was declared to be the most family-friendly place to live, back in 2004. It isn’t hard to find and village itself looks very lovely once you enter through their borders.

At the brewery we were welcomed by our guide, who was delighted to see us. She showed us the larger part of the whole compound and how beer, cider and various other drinks are made. It was interesting to learn about the brewery culture and how the manufacture actually works in a large scale production.  Did you know that beer is being held in 7m large copper silos after they were boiled to the perfection? Of course they couldn’t share or show us how the real magic was done, but seeing how well oiled machinery works, everyone was awed by its awesomeness.

We finished our tour with an epic snack bar and experimenting latest Saku’s products. Needless is to say that this was one of the greatest fieldtrips that Gamefounders spring 2014 batch has seen so far!