Now, almost half a year after the graduation of the first class of Gamefounders, it makes sense to look at the startups and what are they currently doing:


Bad Seed Entertainment

The 8-member strong team from Italy found a publisher to their first game – Sheep Up! – isheep (680x389)n our Paris Demo Day. The game will be published by one of the leading publishers in the world, Pocketgems. Sheep Up! is ready and launched in the test market and the worldwide launch is to follow in near weeks. Bad Seed Entertainment has also signed a follow-up investment deal. In the meantime they have also developed demo versions of their two new games and are soon starting to look publishers for those.



A studio orginally from thglow (800x297)e Netherlands has signed a publishing deal that also includes 6-figure investment with Creative Mobile, a publisher with more than 100m players in their network. The team of 4 has now moved to Estonia and is residing just at the side of Gamefounders HQ. Their game is to be released in 3Q2013.



Mind on Games

managerA studio from Argentina has received a publishing plus investment (6-figures) offer from a big publisher and is now in the late stages of negotiating the details of that contract. When the contract is signed, the team will return to Europe to publish their game Manager-Mania on mobile platforms.


Baila Games


Baila Games is continuing its work on social party games that are still very well sold in Estonia. In addition to Estonia these games can now be bought in Finland, Latvia and soon in some other countries, too. The new version of the iOs app of their hit-game, Baila, will be released in this summer.






Plan B Labsgirl magnet (610x407)

The Hungarian team has released 3 games/apps by now – Learninvisible (released in one market for testing purposes), Thinkinvisible and Girl Magnet. Their fourth title is coming soon, currently the team is in talks with a potential publisher. After the Gamefounders programme the team has won Microsoft ReImagine Cup in Hungary.



Akira Mobile

akiraBy now the Lithuanian company has released their game Planera in Polish social networks (in addition to Latvia and Lithuania). Currently the company has seized the development until they find new investors.

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