GameFounders is the European accelerator for gaming and gamified apps. So why should an aspiring startup join us?

Tell you what. The reason to join is really not that €5k per founder (with a ceiling of €15k). The money alone could never make your gamified app take off. This seed money is good enough for you to live comfortably in Tallinn for those 3 months and perhaps buy some small scale subcontracting or service/campaign. But this should definitely not be the reason for you to join.

The reason for you to join is our programme and even more so, our mentors. It is a rare case to have a kickass game designer, competent developer, effective UX/UI-designer, skilled financer and a killer marketer all in one (or even two or three) persons in you team. And usually those gaming-steve-jobses have already their companies founded and €mm/€bb earned. But if this is not the case for you, you and your team are probably lacking at least one of the mentioned skills.

In come GameFounders.

Our mentors cover the whole scale of game development. They can help you with whatever it is that’s standing between you and €€€. Even more importantly, the will spot that “thing” and tell you what it is that you need to work on. Last but not least – a number of these mentors are potential investors in your game in the later stages. Wouldn’t it be awesome if a year from now one could read on TechCrunch about you selling your game to Zynga, Rovio or any other bigger player?!

I though so. Now, get over your tendency to never ask for directions. GameFounders is your shortcut to the place where people not only play the awesome games you develop, but also pay for them. Start by pressing “Apply” in