CatGear Studio or when the challenge is included in your daily schedule

Let us introduce you to our second team from Malaysia. CatGear is a young team of 6 with a great vision and a focused plan to make it a reality. They met a few years back when they graduated from college. Working on small projects and work for hire, the team gained the experience they needed. Their ultimate goal was always to create their own game, but they had to wait for the right moment.


The team grew with every event they went to. They kept working and accumulated the necessary experience. They got their sign in 2014 when they were the first runner-up in the biggest GameJam in KL. Faizan said they lost to a veteran game developer, so it was a big achievement for them. After this prize, they moved into a common space, the so-called CatGear development hub, and work on their game days and nights. When they joined GameFounders we realized that it was the only team that could stay on the same concentration level for hours without rest. It sounds impossible, but we saw it with our own eyes. Even when Brazilians were going for food and Ukrainians wanted to spend the afternoon playing Guilty Gear, CatGear continued working in the middle of the office chaos.

The game they are working on is called Dusty: The Dream Cleaner. Dusty, the Cat is the cute little hero in their game, who fights bad guys to protect his human. Not as in real life, where cats are mean and being the bad guys themselves. The character impressed not only GameFounders and teams but the visitors of Slush in Helsinki, where CatGear showcased their game. It was quite a crowdpleaser. Maybe it’s all about the cat, maybe it’s about the hero we all want to have. But mostly about the cat, these fluffy little creatures rule the world!



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