Author: Christina Begerska

Words of Gold in business

From sunny Malaysia let's move to sunny and a bit cooler Brazil, the land of ice-cream pizza and sweet burgers. Let us introduce you the team with great ambitions, a perfect 5-year plan and a tasty name - Cupcake.  Joao started the company alone to create the perfect game because he saw how hard it was to find cool puzzle game for his mom. None of the games fulfilled her simple requirements and he saw the potential for a new game hit. He...

Stop wishing, start doing – Malaysian style

Each team has its strongest side. Sometimes it's a game idea, a business vision or a team itself. As for Peripio, it is their motivation and willingness to settle for nothing less than the best. They were brought together by fate. Once someone got the idea to make a game, others joined immediately. By the time it became a prototype, these guys had gone through a...

An Epic Year for GameFounders

2015 was a year of change and joy for GameFounders. It involved opening our hub in Asia, becoming the world's first global game accelerator and winning not one, but two awards! Let's take a look at the highlights: March GameFounders signs a co-operation agreement with Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC) to open a game accelerator in Malaysia and support the development of the local industry. The faith...

It’s all about the chances

Nightspade first took shape In 2009, four students were teamed up to work on a project at Bandung Institute of Technology in Indonesia. For each of them it was their best experience working as a team during their time in school. After graduation, Teddy Pandu as CFO, Garidbaldy W.M. as CMO, Dody Dharma as CTO, and Inas Luthfi as CEO, decided to continue work together...

How IMGnation met VR

This is the story of a team from Brazil with several ups and downs, that ended up making them stronger and ready to face every challenge. Orlando started the company in 2009 with 4 others, but there were large differences in their visions and experience. This led to the team falling apart after a few projects. However, fate steps in at a family gathering as Orlando’s...

It’s always sunny in Philippines

From sunny Brazil let's move to the even more sunny Philippines. This team of 5 met mostly by accident. Dominic and Matteo met playing the same game. TJ showed up for an interview and the guys were so tired they picked the guy, even though they knew nothing about him. Jomark applied for another position and just jumped in when he realised how great the...

Family business

Making games can be a family business as much as restaurants or shops. You might think it’s pretty rare and it is, however it happened in Brazil. Two cousins who were testers for their parent’s games are now doing something for themselves. Gabriel (CEO and programmer) and Francisco (Artist) are not only the second generation of game developers in the family, they grew up surrounded...

Morning Playtest

Imagine waking up early to play games. Does that sound cool? We think so! While Malaysia celebrated Raya Haji, we invited more playtesters to come play our team’s games. On the day, we had to wake up very early so we could greet folks who would rather play games than stay in bed on their day off! Let’s face it, there’s no way anyone can stay...

From Kyiv with love

This cycle there’s only one team from Europe and they are from Ukraine, the country of whole milk and candies. They are Electronic Jaw, or EJaw, the team of 18 very different yet remarkable members. In Kuala Lumpur we have only 4 of them, but they are talking to the team in Kyiv so much, that they made us get an extra key for the...

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