It’s always sunny in Philippines

From sunny Brazil let’s move to the even more sunny Philippines. This team of 5 met mostly by accident. Dominic and Matteo met playing the same game. TJ showed up for an interview and the guys were so tired they picked the guy, even though they knew nothing about him. Jomark applied for another position and just jumped in when he realised how great the project is and totally worth becoming a full-time programmer. And last but not least, Chito, who needed something fresh and new to work on to fire up his creativity.

The team started working on their first project in 2013, when Matt got a new idea in the middle of the night and could not wait till morning to share it with others. By the end of the year, they had a working prototype. However, they were not sure about it, and didn’t know what to improve or change. Then 2014 came along, the year when everything went wrong. Apartments got robbed, flooded, working builds stolen, but Figment stuck together and took their work to a game conference. The game had still had a lot of problems and the team spent 6 hours fixing last minute issues, but their hard work paid off as they were the only indie game at the event that had a huge line of excited players.

Figment got into the GameFounders program because of a happy accident. During our Big Asia Tour tour we had an event in Manila and the guys came as guests with no presentation or pitch prepared. One of the pitching teams missed the event, so Andrew picked Figment to pitch instead. Chito had only their Steam GreenLight trailer and that’s all. No preparation, no long speeches, just 60 seconds of pure genius. They were in immediately.

Here in KL, Figment’s game always pleases the crowds. There’s no way a tester or a player would miss the chance to play Warstache. The fighting game with a mix of mustachioed 2D characters from different countries fighting in a 3D arena over a gun with only one bullet. It’s crazy good fun and something you should see before it’s wildly popular as PewDiePie has already found a special place for it in his heart and Twitter following list.

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