Words of Gold in business

From sunny Malaysia let’s move to sunny and a bit cooler Brazil, the land of ice-cream pizza and sweet burgers. Let us introduce you the team with great ambitions, a perfect 5-year plan and a tasty name  Cupcake. 

Joao started the company alone to create the perfect game because he saw how hard it was to find cool puzzle game for his mom. None of the games fulfilled her simple requirements and he saw the potential for a new game hit. He started testing his first prototypes on his mom and grandmother to see if he was getting any closer to the target. After spending months on the project, he realized that it wasn’t oneperson job. That’s how Cupcake became a real company with an artist, a game designer, and a musician. Also, his high school friend who worked for a big company at that time joined Cupcake as the CMO and became the business partner Joao needed. Both of them wanted to make it a successful business and not only one game limited to the Facebook audience. Their games should be friendly, easy to understand, the characters should engage with the player and not distract from the game. That became their challenge and goal. 


From the very first day they were a perfect example of the business-oriented team with a touch of fun and craziness. Gabriel and Joao were the only team members who came to KL. They were the first team in the office every morning and structured their work to the detail. However there waone thing that could distract them from their games and that was lunch. Food is a religion for Brazilians, Gabriel said, and all the other Brazilian teams followed his religion. Every day at 12 even if the seminar was still rolling they suddenly started to look very sad. Some kind of inner body clock let them knothat it was time for food. 

By the end of the program, the cupcakes who had been the most homesick became the most reluctant to leave. You might ask why. The reasons include monkeys on the streets, baby elephants you can pet and the best burger in the world they found in the restaurant just across the street from the GameFounders’ office


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