Stop wishing, start doing – Malaysian style

Each team has its strongest side. Sometimes it’s a game idea, a business vision or a team itself. As for Peripio, it is their motivation and willingness to settle for nothing less than the best. They were brought together by fate. Once someone got the idea to make a game, others joined immediately. By the time it became a prototype, these guys had gone through a lot of challenges, yet stuck together.


Razman, the CEO of the company, wanted to start with a simple game to check the potential of the team and was surprised by how the idea had evolved. Nizzie, Farid, Tengku and Riduan took it very seriously as it was their chance to prove that they are good enough. Now it’s not about the training, it’s working on being the next big hit. They picked one of the most famous characters in the game industry, The Snake. Peripio brought a beloved game to a new level with strict rules while taking into consideration the great heritage. Every new idea has to be revised again and again, that the original players of the Snake liked it as much as the new ones. ‘No pain, no gain’ thought Farid at that time and secretly applied for GameFounders. They didn’t expect to get in considering the enormous competition for the Fall 2015 cycle, but when they were selected, it turned out to be just the push they needed.


Once, Nizzie spent an extra hour discussing the game with Ric Neil, who was supposed to be in the hotel resting after the flight. Imagine how surprised we were to find them in one of the meeting rooms late in the evening when everyone was gone. Peripio needs no rest when it comes to the game. At the same time, the team represented Malaysia in the office and wanted to make everyone know more about their country. They introduced the international teams to the local cuisine, took everyone sightseeing and showed them the beauty of their new home. The tours included everything from fried bananas to cultural fun facts and beyond. However, being the official fun team never impacted with their work mode.

They went from newbies to an acknowledged team in an instant when Tommy Palm said they were his favorite. So if you want to be successful, you need to walk much more than an extra mile and be ready to fight for all the opportunities presented. It is all worth it – proved by Peripio.


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