How IMGnation met VR

This is the story of a team from Brazil with several ups and downs, that ended up making them stronger and ready to face every challenge.

Orlando started the company in 2009 with 4 others, but there were large differences in their visions and experience. This led to the team falling apart after a few projects. However, fate steps in at a family gathering as Orlando’s cousin introduces her new boyfriend, who was also looking for a career change. Mauricio and Orlando signed a partnership agreement the next day and never regretted it. Now it’s also a family business as Mauricio and Orlando’s cousin got married and have a lovely daughter Maria Clara.

IMGNATION started to recruit more team members. They looked through tons of resumes but found the best match in an old school friend, Guilherme. He joined without hesitation and the team began to work. IMGNATION continued to hire through unusual circumstances as Otavio showed up at their door. He knocked and when they answered was very insistent that he was good enough to be a part of the team and they could test him for as long as they wanted. His attitude bought him a first class ticket to the IMGNATION team, but they still tested him, just in case.

One of their game projects, Dodge This, was a success and it made them think about how to make more of it. So why not VR? It’s new. It’s all over the news and promised to be hot for a long time. New technology had always fascinated the IMGNATION team and they started shifting from mobile to VR. The strategy has worked well for them as they have developed VR projects for big companies and even for the NASA.

Now there are 10 members in the team, all focused on VR exclusively. MonowheelVR is their next big project and it has a great chance of being a hit as the team moves as one under Orlando’s creative vision. They are not only a great development team, but quite gregarious. Here in KL they the arrange many social events such as football matches, movie marathons and spontaneous sightseeing. And they are one of the loudest in the office 🙂

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