Meet Simple Connect Fun Studio

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Starting this week we will be introducing the teams of GameFounders Asia Fall 2015. We have 10 altogether, all of them with different backgrounds and different games, but the same goal to make better games than yesterday.

Lets start with Simple Connect Fun Studios, our only Vietnamese team. It’s the biggest team in the program that came to Kuala Lumpur this time, a total of 7 people! We have Tony, Tuan, Tuyen, Hoang, Tu, Khanh, and Binh.

The former colleagues turned cofounders went from outsourcing and working for different companies to establishing their own studio in 2012. For the last three years they experimented a lot with different genres, platforms and settings. Their portfolio is beyond impressive regarding the short period and the size of the team. Every role is designed for each team member and they follow it very precisely. Maybe that is the secret of the Simple Connect Fun Studio- a team that operates like clockwork reaching new levels of productivity with every project the work on.

They are currently working on 2 games- One Bullet, a casual mobile game inspired by the classic Wild Gunman for SNES, it is a Western Duel F2P mobile game that focuses on PVP and social interaction and a new game with code name Metal Marines, which is a mystery project they start to work on.

The team arrived to KL and immediately got into a situation that could be turned into a movie. When they got into a taxi, they met the driver called Ahmad who had lived in Hanoi over 20 years ago and had tons of friends he lost contact with when moved. The 40 minutes drive from the airport turned into an incredible journey as they realized they could help reconnect old friends. Sounds like a scene from the movie, but they managed to find 7 people (the same number as in the team itself!) and left some tips to find more for Ahmad. Sometimes you just have to be in the right place at the right time and connect the dots.

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